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Frozen orange juice concentrate | Juice Concentrate Manufacturer

Orange concentrate is sold in high volume in Iranian market. Sweet concentrate consumption is a strong reason for this, especially among juice producers. Concentrate literally means concentrate. The word concentrate is, of course, a French word for the extraction and removal of the constituents of a substance. In the case of juice production, this is aimed at separating the water and drying the fruit pulp. Juice producing companies have specialized units in the production and processing of various types of fruit concentrates. Join us for more information aboat frozen orange juice concentrate…Frozen orange juice concentrate | Juice Concentrate Manufacturer

What is in frozen orange juice concentrate?

What is in frozen orange juice concentrate?Sweet and natural orange concentrate is one of the most popular among domestic and foreign buyers. Due to the presence of oranges in different parts of the country, the production of concentrates is very cheap. For this reason, most manufacturing companies produce and supply different types of concentrates with varying degrees of brix. The steps and process of producing the best type of orange concentrate include the following:

  • Buying and shipping oranges to the factory
  • Primary wash with high pressure water
  • Isolation of by-products and inappropriate oranges
  • Transfer fruits to crushing section
  • Heat chopped oranges
  • Transfer cooked oranges to press and juice separator
  • Pasteurize orange juice
  • Cooling and Transfer to Juice Tanks
  • Clear the juice
  • Transfer to vacuum and condensing devices
  • Production of concentrate and its packaging

frozen concentrated orange is a very compacted substance, such as honey, that is eventually packed into barrels for storage. Fruit concentrate is the result of fruit purchase and washing, dehydration and filtration (at least in two steps), concentrating or baking the juice and storing it in large containers. For example, orange fruit enters the filtration stage after dehydration. These filters are generally either vacuum or ceramic.

Is frozen orange juice concentrate pasteurized?

Is frozen orange juice concentrate pasteurized?Are the natural juices on the market sold under this name really natural? The sugar and additives in these juices are high. Concentrates and purees of fruit contain a few percent of these juices. The difference between these industrial juices and juices What is the natural cause of some price differences in some juices?

Many of us may be consuming packaged and packaged juices daily with different flavors, but the question may arise in our minds to what percentage and to what extent are these natural juices? Does the material used in them harm our body? Are Juice Packaging Useful? In the fruit juice market today, consumers are faced with terms such as natural fruit juice, nectar, and non-gas drinks that differ in price. But it’s not bad to know what the difference is.

After pasteurization, the fruit juice temperature drops rapidly to 0–5 degrees Celsius. This is important both for microbiological stability and for maintaining taste quality. If the bottles are left to cool in order to cool down, it will take a long time for this to cause undesirable changes in the taste and color of the juice. Also, the amount of hydroxymethyl furfural produced in the fast cooling method is lower than the slow cooling.

How much water do you add to frozen orange juice concentrate?

How much water do you add to frozen orange juice concentrate?One of the most important reasons for using concentrate as mentioned is its use in all seasons.

Other reasons include:

  • Convenient shipping
  • Preserving fruit properties
  • economic efficiency

All the juices available in the Iranian market are made from fruit concentrate with the addition of fruit concentrate, juice and other additives and market natural juices. Checking the label of juices is the first thing to notice is the percentage of juice. For example, the phrase “contains 60% juice, made from natural fruit concentrate” means that in the juice formula it contains 60% juice and other additives such as water, stabilizer, sugar, antioxidants and other substances.

Is it more profitable to buy from Iran?

Is it more profitable to buy from Iran?As you know, oranges are from the citrus family. This product is produced in both northern and southern parts of our country. Orange fruit is very popular due to its many properties. These properties include:

  • Prevent Pancreatic Cancer
  • Disinfectant
  • Anti-toxin, diuretic, breast softener
  • Helps lower blood cholesterol
  • flu treatment

It is these properties and properties that have made orange consumption widely available. There are several ways to buy and sell orange concentrate. As you know, a considerable amount of this product is produced in Iranian companies. This makes it easy to access and produce sweet orange concentrate throughout the year. Note that the best way to buy concentrate at a cheap price is to buy directly from the manufacturer. Sometimes these centers are not accessible, so you need to contact the centers and their resellers. Of course, querying the sale price and knowing the market rate for different types of fruit concentrates will also be necessary.

The biggest buyers of concentrate are producers of all kinds of edible products, especially juices. As you know, juice companies are often concentrates themselves. These centers sell and sell their surplus consumption as packaging. Importantly, major shoppers should look for Iranian sweet orange concentrate sales centers. A product that is very high quality because of the freshness of the fruit.

Best way for producing high quality fruit concentrates

Best way for producing high quality fruit concentrates Orange concentrate is a thick orange-yellow liquid that, when retrieved and used in the food product, gives the product the aroma, taste and color of an orange. This orange concentrate is stored in a metal barrel in a freezing container in a freezer.

To produce orange concentrate, a certain amount of water in the orange juice is extracted during the orange concentrate production process and as a result the orange concentrate is much less voluminous than its juice. So more oranges are transported at a lower cost and more easily. This product is manufactured to international standards and fully complies with Iranian standards.

Noteworthy in Iranian orange concentrate is its bitter taste compared to the foreign orange concentrate. Producers of nectar and orange juice can easily reduce the bitter taste of the orange concentrate by offering product formulas and provide a suitable drink to the market.

frozen orange juice concentrate recipes, like other fruit products, is exported domestically. Buying best frozen orange juice concentrate is done through reputable Iranian sites as well as in person, but how can you buy a cheaper orange juice brands?

  • Buy directly
  • Online shopping online
  • Buy in bulk
  • Buy from the factory door or the main manufacturer

The global price of fruit concentrate will vary depending on the volume and type of packaging. This valuable nutrient is often traded at a fixed rate in international trading and has an economical packaging. Concentrates can be expected from many applications, especially in foods such as fruit and juice. The price of different juice flavors is different depending on different conditions and different characteristics. For example, the palm-orange concentrate will be slightly different from its palm-free sample.

The best frozen concentrated orange juice futures in the world are those that have at least one of the following characteristics:

  • Dissolve well in water
  • Have a fragrance that fits in with the fruit you want, for example orange concentrate should give a natural orange scent.
  • Have light weight and volume
  • It’s easier to move around

Frozen concentrated pure orange juice?

Frozen concentrated pure orange juice? Orange is one of the fruits that is widely produced in our country and we have all eaten it for once. Using oranges is not just about consuming the fruit itself. Oranges are either dried, or fruit juices or concentrates are used. he orange concentrate is also obtained by concentrating and juicing the orange juice. The color of this product is orange.

Usually orange concentrate like other concentrates are stored in metal barrels and sold in a special packaging. This product is high in vitamin C, magnesium and potassium. Orange concentrate is commonly used in the production of nectar and orange syrup. The production of fruit concentrate will eventually require a concentrated method to reduce its bulk weight and make it easier to transport to other countries. However, the orange concentrate is very bitter because of its pulpal structure.

Natural orange juice can be used for the preparation of juice concentrates or concentrates can be used in the absence of fresh fruit. Orange is a fruit that is high in vitamin C and is very good for preventing infectious diseases and colds. Because orange is a fruit that is very popular in Iran and sweet and good in nature. As such, any product such as orange concentrate has a very good market and is popular in supply markets. Orange fruit is also used to produce orange pulp.

Nutrients of Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice

Nutrients of Frozen Concentrated Orange JuiceOrange juice concentrate is made up of macronutrients and micronutrients according to the following tables that make up frozen orange juice concentrate nutritions value:

  • Energy (calories): 49 kcal
  • Carbohydrate: 11.54 g
  • Protein: 0.68 g
  • Fat: 0.12 g
  • Water: 87.22 g
  • Fiber: 0.30 g
  • Sugar: 8.31 g
  • Cholesterol: 0.00 mg

Orange Juice Vitamins:

Vitamin A – Vitamin D – Vitamin E – Vitamin K – Vitamin C – Thiamine – Riboflavin – Niacin – Choline – Pantothenic Acid – Folate – Vitamin B12

Orange Juice Minerals:

Calcium – Iron – Magnesium – Phosphorus – Potassium – Sodium – Zinc – Copper – Manganese-Selenium

Is it profitable to buy and sell fruit concentrate?

Is it profitable to buy and sell fruit concentrate?A variety of concentrates, including orange concentrate, are sold in factories in various ways after production. These are the following:

  • Online sales sites
  • Wholesale Distribution Centers
  • Resellers
  • Valid distribution and sales centers
    • Authentic sites for sale online

    One thing to keep in mind when buying a concentrate is the authenticity of the centers you intend to buy the product from. Because many centers today sell and sell orange concentrate. Some even sell you a fake product at the original price, and you have to be careful.

    Various factors affect the final purchase price of orange concentrate in the market, including:

    • Product Packing Weight
    • Product quality
    • Brand of product manufacturer
    • currency flactuations
    • Market supply and demand

    How Long Does Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate Last?

    How Long Does Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate Last?It’s been a couple of years since juices with the label “no additives” on their packaging have entered the market. Not bad to know At present, there are one, two large factories producing various kinds of industrial juices in Iran whose products are better and more popular in terms of quality, aroma and taste. Usually these factories do not add any special additives to their juices, and if you see the phrase “no additives” on their juices envelope, you have to trust that phrase and make sure that such a claim is not made without the supervision of the relevant organizations. These large, prestigious factories supply high volumes of natural, healthy and standard juices throughout the year and deliver the best flavor to the customer.

    Sterilizing and pasteurizing the juices and placing them in special multilayer envelopes does not allow any microorganisms to enter or grow inside them, so there is no need to use preservatives when producing industrial juices. Of course, microbes can grow and grow inside the juice packs in which they are opened, so we recommend that everyone consume the juices shortly after they are opened. Also, if you open it in juice, be sure to keep it in the refrigerator until the expiry date. Of course, unopened juices can also be stored in a cool, dry environment outside the refrigerator.

    How to Make Orange Juice From Frozen Concentrate?

    How to Make Orange Juice From Frozen Concentrate?Northern orange is one of the best water-based inks and is very suitable for the preparation of conversion products such as nectar, nectar and concentrate. Nowadays, orange concentrate is widely used in Iranian juice industry. Guilan and Mazandaran oranges are a variety of Thomson and Red berries that are extremely affordable and profitable.

    Concentrate Brewing Process:

    • mix:

    Depending on the type of drink (fruit juice, nectar, fruit syrup), the concentrate should be mixed with some water, aroma, sugar and acid. To prepare the juice, concentrate it or dilute it with mineral-free water and potable water. A little more sugar is added to the cherry juice, which has a higher acidity. Mineral-free water should be used for this purpose. But water that does not alter the natural composition of the juice can also be used. In order to prevent sediment formation and undesirable changes, water must have special properties. When preparing fruit juice from the concentrate, the aroma should be mixed to the proportion taken when concentrating the fruit juice.

    • filteration:

    In order to separate the suspended solids from the water and sugar, the prepared fruit juice is finally passed through the filter.

    • Ventilation:

    When stirring, some air is dissolved in the juice. In order to prevent oxidative changes, the juice is passed through the ventilator to expel the indoor air.

    • Filling:

    Most fillers use DuPack envelopes and a vacuum system that operates automatically based on pressure equilibrium.

    • Cool:

    After hot filling or pasteurization, the juice temperature drops rapidly to 30-35 degrees Celsius. This is important both for microbiological stability and for maintaining taste quality.

    • Stash:

    It is best to store the fruit juice in a quarantine warehouse for 5 days after labeling and cartoning. This will increase the speed of inversion and balance the taste of the juice.

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