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Buy Cheap Fruit Puree from Iran and Get more Profits

Apple puree is one of the highest selling fruit puree among consumers. In the market of these products there are different types of products of different brands, domestic and foreign. In the meantime apple puree is one of the highest quality, best-selling and cheapest varieties among other brands. Online sales of this product are made possible by various brands today.By knowing the products of our site, you can make a confident buy fruit puree of the price and quality of premium.

Buy Cheap Fruit Puree from Iran and Get more Profits

How long does passion fruit puree last?

How long does passion fruit puree last?Passion fruit is purple, yellow and even orange, and has a hollow center full of seeds. Each grain is surrounded by a dough filled with water, which is what gives it its flavor, a cake with sweetness, and is used to make salted fruit puree. Puree salted fruits at home with a blender, an iron and a wooden spoon and use the liquid to make fresh tropical fruit juice or puree to taste ice cream, smoothies or tropical jams.

Slice the fruit in half and separate the seeds and dough.
Put the dough in the blender with 1 teaspoon of water per fruit.
Mix for two or three seconds.
Pour the mixed seeds into a thin metal strainer placed in a bowl.
Use a wooden spoon to squeeze a large portion of the dough into the dough and leave the broken seed pieces behind.


If the large pieces of meat around the seed do not crush, press down with the back of a wooden spoon.Preheating the seeds before mixing helps the eggs release their juices more easily. Heat a tablespoon of water on each fruit over low heat. For the microwave, heat each fruit for three seconds.While the seeds are edible, they cause an unpleasant texture in nymphs and fruit juices. But if the texture of the beans does not matter, you can skip the stretch. Instead, mix the seeds to achieve the desired texture.

Mixing salted fruit seeds for a long time can cause pieces of broken and broken seeds, which can slide through the mesh even a small sieve. For this reason, do not mix too much.Pure salted fruit with or without seeds can be stored in the refrigerator for three to five days. The pulp can also be frozen in bags or closed containers to freeze with more than 1/4 inch of free space for two or three months.Salted fruit puree can replace any tropical fruit puree in any recipe. While the overall taste changes, it still gives the finished product a sweet taste. Common uses of salted fruit puree include:

Dilute it with another water or fruit juice to make fresh water.
As in the selection of pancakes, crepes, yogurt or ice cream it is served as the best part.
Used as a base for sweet and fragrant sauces.
Used as a juicer for flavored preservatives, puddings and panna cotta.

What are the most popular types of fruit puree?

Here are some of popular types of fruit puree for babies.

1. Apple puree :
Sweet and cooked apples are excellent as raw foods. They are easy to digest and are unlikely to cause allergies. You can give them from the fifth or sixth month.

2. Banana puree:
You can introduce bananas in four months, but the recommended age for starting solids is six months. They are the ultimate sweet food for infants: easy to peel and make. In addition, they supply significant amounts of energy.

3. Apple and banana puree:
Get the best apples and bananas through this recipe. In addition, bananas are ideal for constipation and other digestive problems.

4- Mango puree for babies:
Mangoes can cause allergic risks in some babies. So, make sure your does not become allergic to the handle. You can produce fruit after six months and follow the 3-day rule.

5. Banana and Mango puree:
Tropical mango and bananas are soft for your belly. This combination after six months can be a great additive.

6. Avocado Spray for Babies:
Avocado is an excellent source of unsaturated fats and vitamin E. It can be given after six months.

7. Quinoa dates, bananas, apple puree:
Quinoa is a gluten-free, super-nutritious seed. Once added to your food list, you can’t resist this delicious noodle.

8. Peach puree:
Peach contains high levels of beta-carotene and potassium. Here’s our method on how to make frozen or fresh peach puree.

9. Nectar Nectar:
Full of vitamins A and C, nectar resembles peach and produce a tasty fruit puree for the .

10. Plum puree:
Prunes are high in dietary fiber, a natural remedy for constipation. It is a pleasant combination of sour and sweet flavors.

11. Kiwi puree:
Kiwi fruit is high in fiber and vitamins A and C. However, being acidic can cause diaper rash or oral rash in infants. So be careful when you first notice the symptoms of an allergy. You can give this fruit after six months.

12. Chico or Saputa or Zaput puree:
It is high in fiber and vitamins A and C. It is effective against colds and coughs for digestion and strengthens the immune system in infants. Can be prescribed after seven months.

Buy Frozen Fruit Puree at Cheap Price in the Iran

Buy Frozen Fruit Puree at Cheap Price in the IranJuice pulp and noodles are the best product of a fruit and meat juice. Parsfar Trading Group is one of the best processed fruit companies in factories. Use fruit puree for sweets, fruit juices, ice cream and any flavoring. The supplier of frozen fruit puree is one of the sources of beverage manufacturers. One of the best producers of frozen fruit puree in the world has planned to produce fruit concentrates and fruit purees wholesale in other factories such as fruit juices, cakes, fruit rolls, etc.

Wholesale of organic fruit puree in Iran using locally selected Iranian organic fruits and hot and cold preparation. In the hot method, we prepare the fruit puree with minimal heat. Then the fruit retains all its natural goodness. In the factory vacuum facilities, we produce more than 10,000 tons of fruit puree and fruit concentrate in metal barrels with an aseptic bag and are paralyzed to transport wells.

In the cold method, we produce fruit purees without warm heating and it is a new technology for the production of fruit puree with Brix fruits. For example, we have such fruit purees with natural Brix fruit:

Apple puree
Melon puree
Strawberry puree
Peach puree
Pruning mash
Mango puree

When you are looking for lots of fruit purees, you are looking for fruit puree brands and factories like this well-known name. In Iran, Parsfar is the biggest name for the production of fruit concentrate and fruit puree.

You should know that in Parsafar Industrial Industrial Fruits Company, a set of crops produced under the direct supervision of the Agricultural Engineering Division of Iran are direct fruit plants and trees. Different types of melon, strawberry, grape, apple, barberry, pomegranate, apricot, peach, banana, mango, etc., are used in the production of puree and concentrated products.

Fresh fruit is used every season to produce fruit juice (such as fruit puree and fruit concentrate). In the spring we produce strawberry puree, applesauce, cherry concentrate, plum concentrate and plum puree, etc. In the summer we produce various types of melon puree, grape concentrate, pomegranate concentrate, apple concentrate, barberry concentrate. Peach puree, apricot puree, grapefruit concentrate and more.

We supply fresh and frozen fruits to professionals in the food industry; Fresh fruits, fruit purees, fruit concentrates. We hope you choose among the many fruit puree manufacturers we have in Iran. We have different types of nymphs you want to make water from. We also have fruit paste manufacturers such as mango paste, which is very tasty and appreciated by people. Some customers call apple pulp to apple pulp. We have two types of apple pulp producers in Iran that are produced with two specifications:

1.Apple Brix Noodles 36-38
2.Apple puree Brix 16 (natural apple rice, cold production)

The applesauce or apple dough with Brix 36-38 is heated under vacuum for approximately 12 hours. It is suitable for the production of fruits and glaze products. These are many natural carbohydrates and sweeteners for products such as ice cream, fruits, rolls, bakery, cakes, smoothies, …

Frozen fruit puree has produced a variety of flavors in a new technology for which they want the best quality at a reasonable price. The difference between puree and concentrate is in its concentration. The amount of density for different types of fruit suitable for nymphs varies with the type of fruit that becomes fruit concentrate. A feature called Brix in the range of 10 to 40 is generally for standard fruit puree and 65 to 70 for fruit concentrate.

Top 10 Fruit Puree Brands in Iran

Fresh fruit purees are collected and processed in Iran. There, NFC fruit puree juice, fruit puree juice concentrate, fruit puree concentrate, fruit puree and fruit puree essence are prepared respectively. Depending on the type of frozen or aseptic transport, Packed in the appropriate container and packaged with metal granule barrels to our customers worldwide. When it comes to you, follow-up is done to make sure we meet customer expectations, because every company has to keep growing.

Stays in freezing chambers at 18 ° C.

We produce a wide range of fruit juice and concentrates made from fresh fruit pulp. Our fresh fruit juices, such as blue grape juice and fruit puree juice, are high in vitamins and enter the waterproof containers to protect them from moisture, and in addition, preserve the taste of our juices.

We are one of the renowned producers of fresh pomegranate juice and our juices are available at the best price. In addition, we are also one of the main suppliers of fruit juice concentrate in Iran, India, China, Spain, …

Producers of pomegranate juice concentrate from ParsFor company produce each piece according to the standards.

Suppliers of Juice Concentrate India, Iran with Parsfarwar brands are ready to load and transport to your country. Our Terms of Trade FOB, Ex-Work, CFR, CFA, … First buy bulk concentrate and some containers to start our business negotiations. Apple juice suppliers have the best tasty and golden Iranian red apple juice focused on their juice factories.

Iranian Fruit Concentrate Companies Parsfavar Company produces high quality German fruit and puree fruit concentrates. The fruit juice concentrate base has high continuous production technology with 10,000 tons per year.

ParsForever’s natural fruit concentrate is one of the best juices in the world. We supply it to many customers around the world to produce high quality organic juices. If you have a question “Is concentrated water useful for you?” I must say yes and it is very demanding for the human body. Fruit juice concentrate affects the body like real fresh fruit.

Concentrated concentrated juice produced in bulk and packaged in aseptic bags with a minimum of 2 years shelf life.

One of the newest uses of fruit concentrate is fruit smoothie concentrate. The mixture of some fruit concentrates and fruit purees creates a delicious smoothie. Some nymphs and fruit concentrates use this:

Banana puree
Mango dough
Plum puree
Thick plum
Grape concentrate
Seedless strawberry puree

Pineapple concentrate

Frozen Fruit Concentrate ensures that plant managers trust the ingredients for 3 to 6 months. Parsfar Avar delivers bulk concentrates to customers and is shipped to all countries where it is located.

As you know, fruit puree concentrate is used for making juice and back and producing chocolate. Concentrated fruit puree suppliers try to produce all fruit concentrates in the harvest season, almost in spring and summer.

A water purifier tries to pack an easy-to-use packaging. However, the fruit concentrate manufacturer makes every effort to produce different types of fruit concentrate with good quality. That is why most of the water quality produced today is concentrated in fruit concentrates.

Nettle juice concentrate and fruit puree are used for carbonated drinks and nectar. In the production of nectar, fruit concentrate or fruit puree is mixed with a variety of fruit pulp and fruit dice and fruit crushers.
Iran is a big country in terms of climate and fruits. Oranges are widely grown in northern and southern Iran. The specialized factory of ParsForas Company in producing frozen orange juice concentrate every year is one of the main sources of sales of orange concentrate with good color and taste.

Organic fruit puree and concentrate for sale

Organic fruit puree and concentrate for sale We are offering a great variety of fruit purees, fruit juice concentrates, puree concentrates, NFC juices and IQF’s. Products are available in conventional quality as well as certified organic, either aseptic or frozen as well as in various packaging sizes. Our products are sourced worldwide but with a focus on Europe, Central and South America.

Our product range is available in Europe, throughout the Caribbean as well as in selected countries worldwide.
We offer a large selection of tropical fruit, citrus fruit, apples & pears, berries as well as selected vegetables. For further information, please get in contact with us or request a quotation via email.

Fruit Puree at Best Price in Iran

Different Iranian noodles made from different fruit combinations like apples made from apples have different prices for the best price.
Iranian noodles prepared from a variety of high quality fruits have a favorable sale and can be seen apple noodles with different selling prices that have a good supply and the variety of these nymphs having a taste. Varieties such as apple flavors in high quality have a good sales and supply for the customer.

Frozen Passion Fruit Puree at Wholesale price

Frozen Passion Fruit Puree at Wholesale price The producers of fruit juice concentrate decide to consume fresh and fresh fruit juice. We know that juice quality is important for consumers. Therefore, suppliers should consider this point. In addition, the price of this product is also important. Most consumers and buyers look for the cheap fruit puree wholesale sellers. Because they are affordable. There are several types of fruit juice concentrates that offer consumers more options to use and buy raspberry puree. Finally, the high quality of the fruit juice concentrate and its price are of great importance. Consumers can also find the cheapest wholesalers to buy cheaper and high quality passion fruit concentrate is passion fruit concentrate canada.

One of the most popular concentrates is the orange juice concentrate. Growers focus on fresh oranges, because if they produce high quality, they will sell more. Produced by pressed and heated oranges. Then a little fragrance is added. With the new technologies, the color, flavor and quality of the organic concentrate of oranges has been improved. This type of concentrate is used by families and for ceremonies in different countries. Selling this product depends on its quality and price so that consumers want it at the best price. The best option for them is that they are looking for the cheapest wholesalers.we can buy passionfruit pulp uk at their wholesalers.

These companies are committed to producing fresh and clean products with new production standards. In addition, the store of these products and packages must be kept up to date with the latest methods and today most manufacturers follow them to produce the best products. The best quality puree manufacturers know the washing law. This means that they decide to produce their products with natural flavor. Because they have access to useful information and this is an advantage for them to produce better products. In fact, mash producers refuse to make genetic changes. They take great care of each step of the process to ensure that buyers and consumers receive the best quality products.

The freshness and purity of the puree and concentrate must be taken into account with precision. Because it is about the health of consumers and with that in mind, there is no concern for them. Otherwise, they cannot carry out their activity because they can guarantee the health of their products. According to the research, the salted fruit concentrate contains minerals such as iron, potassium and also contains vitamins A and C. Rich raw materials that are the most favored by consumers. Suppliers of salted fruit juice concentrates use organic, clean and fresh fruit to produce better products.

They are very serious in terms of health problems because their products are used by humans and their risks must be eliminated. Salted fruit grows abundantly in India and most suppliers decide to supply Indian raw materials. The salted fruit concentrate has a pleasant aroma. Its variety is available in purple and yellow. They are very tasty and popular among people, since mixing salted fruit juice with other fruits makes it more delicious.

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