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100% Pure Fruits Concentrate and Puree for Sale

100% pure fruits concentrate and puree for sale.Various types of fruit concentrates have been produced in Iranian factories for many years and have excellent quality. Orumiyeh can be considered as the center of production of Iranian concentrate. All kinds of fruit concentrates with world-class quality in our prestigious and well-known commercial plants are produced and supplied through commercial. read more about the real fruit puree syrup, real puree flavors, perfect puree, blackberry puree, blackberry puree near me, seedless strawberry puree.

100% Pure Fruits Concentrate and Puree for Sale

Differences between fruits syrup and puree

Differences between fruits syrup and pureeFruit syrups

The new product has entered the United States, Europe and South America: fruit syrup or fruit juice concentrate. Excess fruit products or damaged fruits inappropriate for its intended purpose as fruit, fruit or wine products in the form of fruit juice. The water is boiled and the flavors are removed through proprietary processes and residuals – usually the sugar solution is reversed because the sucrose is hydrolyzed to reverse the process – concentrated and sold at pH 4 at about 75 degrees Celsius. . A natural fruit sweetener This product is designed for the natural foods market so that the terms “fruit sweetener”, “fruit only sweetened” and “no added sugar” can be displayed on the label, although the latter The sentence is questionable. These fruit products made from apple, peach, pear, citrus and grape juices are sold at solid prices for five to six times the sucrose price.

Fruit puree

Varieties of Iranian fruit puree are produced in Iranian factories in spring and summer. The price of these variants is a little more reasonable than the concentrate that has lower Brix. It is said that the original demand of the nymph and the way it was prepared was from France. Fruit puree is the crushing, crushing and sifting of fruit that is either raw or cooked. Fruit puree is often used for pastry and powdered pastry and pastry powder for longer-term storage of the fruit itself. Fruit puree is produced in Iran for products such as apricots, apples and… in concentrates. It is also used in the production of pulp juices. You can also use your best fruit puree without adding sugar for home use. Since fruit puree also has a shorter processing time than it does, its sales price is usually lower than fruit concentrate. Of course, Brix fruit puree is also less than fruit concentrate.

Which Countries have high amount of fruits puree production?

۱۰ Top producer of fruit puree

1. China

At the top of the list is China, a country with 2 million tonnes of fruit and 5 million tonnes of vegetables a year, which topped the list with 40 points.

2. Hong Kong

Hong Kong ranks second with 38 points, producing 2 million tons of fruit and 2 million tons of vegetables.

3. India

India is the world’s third-largest producer of fruit and vegetables, with 36 points, producing 4 million tons of fruit per year, and 3.6 million tons of vegetables.

4. United States of America

The United States has produced approximately 33 million tonnes of fruit per year and 33 million tonnes of vegetables and 3.6 million tonnes of vegetables.

5. Mexico

Mexico is a country that produced 3.5 million tons of fruits and vegetables in 2008, with 26 points. Located in the south of the United States, it is one of the largest producers of fruits and vegetables in the world.

6. Turkey

In year 2, Turkey produced 2.6 million tons of fruit and 2.3 million tons of vegetables and gained 26 points. The major exporters of fruit from Turkey are various types of nuts, citrus fruits, grapes, apricots, dried plums, apples, peaches, pears as well as dates, figs, apricots, cherries, peaches and nuts.

7- Brazil

Brazil is the seventh-largest producer of fruit and vegetable, with 24 points, which managed to produce 6.5 million tonnes of fruit last year, as well as 1.5 million tonnes of vegetables. Brazil’s fruit exports are focused on cantaloupe, dates, figs, avocado, guava, mangoes and pineapples, as well as coconut, Brazilian nuts, almonds, citrus fruits, grapes and bananas.

8- Iran

Iran, with 24 points on the list of the largest fruit and vegetable producing countries in the world, is ranked eighth, producing 2.5 million tonnes of fruit and 4.1 million tonnes of vegetables. Iran mainly exports various kinds of nuts (grains), grapes, dates, figs, fresh strawberries, raspberries, chutney and fruits such as cantaloupe, apples and pears.


Spain ranks ninth in the world as the ninth producer of fruit and vegetables, producing more than 2.8 million tonnes of fruits and vegetables. It mainly exports fresh and dried citrus fruits as well as strawberries, raspberries, chutney and other fruits such as apricot, cherry, peach, cherry and plum.

10. Egypt

Egypt, with 22 points, is the tenth country exporting fruit and vegetables, producing more than 2.3 million tonnes of fruit and vegetables over the past six years. , Strawberries, raspberries, chutney and other fruits such as grapes, dates, figs, fresh or dried.

Top 10 Delicious Fruits puree in the global market

Top 10 Delicious Fruits puree in the global market Get to know Top 10 Delicious Fruits puree in the global market

The types of fruit puree produced in Iran are those that exist in Iran:

  1. Apple puree
  2. Peach puree
  3. Apricot puree
  4. Strawberry puree
  5. Talebi puree
  6. Blueberry puree
  7. Mango puree
  8. Banana puree
  9. Plum puree
  10. Raspberry puree

Dear customers who need to buy different kinds of fruit puree can contact the business management of the company during the office hours and order registration. The purchase of fruit puree is mainly done by the following companies:

  • Juice making
  • Lavash Making
  • Bread production
  • Types of fruit puree

Iranian Fruit Puree Factory produces a variety of Iranian fruit puree in the spring and summer seasonal production and mainly prepares and storages in packing spastic 2-layer bags in metal barrels. Many companies export fruit concentrate and fruit puree in the winter and spring of the following year to sell and export different types of fruit puree and depot fruit. Many domestic brewing companies also buy different types of fruit puree and fruit concentrate in the coming seasons due to their lack of liquidity.

How to Make Real Fruit Soda?


It’s easy to make this refreshing fruit at home. In addition, home-made soda is much healthier than regular soda and you can make it your own.

The main elements of these homemade beverage recipes are: 1) Fresh “syrup” fruit and 2) Juicer. To sweeten the soda we will use fresh fruits and a simple syrup made from honey and raw water. To make the simple honey syrup, simply combine some raw honey with water and bake over a medium-low heat until the honey is dissolved, then set aside to cool. Easy peas

A side image of five glasses of fresh fruit juice including strawberry juice, orange juice, lemon juice, grape juice and blackberry juice for decaffeinated homemade soda.Then comes the fresh fruit. Depending on the fruit you use, water it (lemon, lemon, orange …) or add it to the mixer and chop (grapes, strawberries, etc.).

After the fruit is broken, you can smooth it with a good mesh trimmer. You can put the dough inside, but the soda will have a different texture. Then transfer the fruit syrup to a bottle, add the salted water and any simple honey syrup to make it sweet. Seal the bottle and place in the refrigerator to cool. If you prefer, you can only drink it directly on ice.

Smoothies made with yogurt and real fruit puree

Smoothies made with yogurt and real fruit pureeThis frozen fruit smoothie is packed with berries, strawberry yogurt and a bowl of milk. Smoothie recipes with frozen fruits are best because you don’t need any ice to achieve full consistency!

Make this frozen fruit smoothie 

I love Smoothies, they are fast, easy, healthy and refreshing. It has only three ingredients, but you’ll never find it creamy, smooth, or satisfying. I love cooking and making smoothies with silk products because their calories and fat are low, they are not vegan and dairy and I always get impressive results.

Using frozen fruits, I don’t need to add ice that can water the smoothies. Plus, frozen is cheaper and easily available even if the berry season is not.

Between naturally sweet fruit and strawberry yogurt, I don’t need to add sugar to the smoothie. Love it when it happens!The recipe will be written in two servings, and you can freeze the second part later. Or get creative and make frozen yogurt with it. Anyway you try it, you want to love it!

How to make a fruit smoothie

To make this frozen fruit and frozen yogurt, you need frozen mixed berries (or any frozen fruit you like), non-dairy silk yogurt, and non-governmental kasomas silk. Add frozen fruit smoothies to the mixer, but store half of the peanut milk. Mix the smoothies until smooth and gently fold in the remaining peanut milk to achieve the desired consistency. For a thicker smoothie, add sour milk gradually. And add a little extra for a thin smoothie.

This healthy fruit smoothie can be frozen for up to a month (just cover the top with plastic wrap or store in a sealed container). When you are ready to enjoy the prepared Smoothie, let it rest for 30 minutes before enjoying the counter.

Tips on the best fruit smoothie

Frozen fruit in this recipe can be easily substituted with fresh fruit if desired. However, you should add a little ice. If berries are seasonal, you can buy them fresh and freeze them the night before! Also, feel free to dispose of other materials in the proper form. Play along with the yogurt flavor, or use plain yogurt and sweeten with a little honey or maple syrup instead. And any non-dairy silk milk paired well with the flavor of this smoothie, so don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to peanut milk.

Wholesalers and distributors of fruits puree in the global market

Fruit puree fuselage is mainly marketed. The main reason is that there are many customers who have these products in today’s markets in different cities across the country. An example of fruit products prepared for sale in different factories is your fruit puree, which is found in different types of markets.

All kinds of fruit puree

We all know that every fruit that is offered in the market is a limited time that is newly available to customers. But in the meantime, they usually obtain products from them in order to extend the shelf life and access to fruits in the season. An example of this is pureed fruit puree, which is marketed as a paste. In order to complete this information, we list a variety of nymphs to get acquainted with:

  • Apple puree
  • Plum puree
  • Kiwi puree
  • Puree puree
  • Chili puree
  • Buy fruit puree
  • Sell ​​fruit puree

Selling fruit puree in today’s markets is usually the case. The demand for these products is increasing as people become more aware of this. Fruit puree has the same properties as fresh fruit, so these products are highly marketed because of their excellent properties. Fruit puree is sold in different cities of our country, some of which are listed below:

  • Mashhad city
  • Arak city
  • Tehran City
  • Gorgan city
  • Zanjan city

Wholesale fruit puree

We see sales of fruit puree in the markets of our country under the name of different companies. These products are of varying degrees of quality, each being sold at a specified price in different deals to make it available to customers. Of course, concentrate sales of all kinds of tropical and imported fruits are also on this site.

Where to buy fruit puree at cheap price?

Where to buy fruit puree at cheap price?Concentrate and fruit puree are two different products that are produced for different fruits with different uses. Usually, the amount of brix (the amount of water soluble solids) for a fruit increases as it becomes concentrated and pureed. Because the fruit puree is a by-product and has a very low water content, its brix is ​​lower than the similar product concentrate. Concentrate producers in Iran and other countries also produce and purchase concentrates and puree every year for some products. Year 6 with all the ups and downs for a concentrate and juice maker will be no problem because it uses imported samples or other products; , Puree and juice. Because juice products have never been and will never be a part of consumer goods.

Buy different kinds of fruit puree

Buying and selling various types of fruit puree in some luxury city supermarkets as well as a group of online stores. Puree fruit puree is a very high quality fruit puree in Iran.

Fruit puree sales centers

Due to its high quality, Puree has numerous sales centers throughout the country. These include supermarkets, hypermarkets and some online stores.

Before buying any fruit and any method for your purchase, make sure that the store is authentic before purchasing any fruit and vegetables.

Online shopping for fruit puree

Fruit puree can be made online and online. If you live in a small town and do not have easy access to large shopping malls, shopping online for this product is the best option for you. Basically fruit puree is not a product to be found everywhere, and buying it online can save you time and energy. Enjoy your shopping online and save a lot of time and energy by purchasing this product online. Of course, try ordering at an online store to save on the postage you pay. Some online stores have free postage for the purchase of up to $ 4,000. If you can shop this way, it will be very affordable for you.

Prices of fruit puree

Fruit puree is a specialized product and its pricing is only for the specialists. But overall, these factors influence the price of fruit puree:

  • Fruit puree packaging
  • Packaging weight of fruit puree
  • Pure Fruit Fruit Distributor Company
  • How to sell fruit puree
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